These are some of the questions you might ask

What about the e-ENPLO’s character?

It’s openness!. I started e-ENPLO (Enplo= in sail, in Greek) with mainly one thing in mind to share my love and passion for the sea and boats with as many people as possible.  Making it bilingual enables me to pursue this fascinating objective: to engulf the greek audience while being able to reach out every of you not matter where you are.

What kind of information does e-ENPLO provide?

I don’t provide information in a conventional journalist methodology on my blog in a way I do it in my printed publications.  I feel free to describe the subjects though my point of view, rely on my senses, bring in my experience and use the  best of my knowledge in conjunction to the facts. I want to be fluid, realistic and of course myself. 

 Do you also like visiting other places or countries  to find interesting material for your posts ?

Of course this is a great fun!. I am open minded and sociable by nature and whenever I get a chance to travel I take it. I love seeing new places, exploring marine environments, test driving boats, going diving or fishing, following major marine events  and meeting new people. If you have got any idea about creating a story, taking good pictures, or making a video about your boat, your place, your company just go ahead and send me an email.

I don’t agree with some elements in your post. Should I express my disagreement?

Of course!. Any disagreement is part of the feedback and a constructive process to help me make what I do better. In any case when I write about something I express my point of view to my best knowledge and the way I feel trying to stick to the facts. So feel free to express your opinion in a comment below the post but show your point as well. Some courtesy is also appreciated. (in the same way you can send me any suggestion you might have)

Am I allowed to use any of the material of this blog for myself?

If you do it for your personal not commercial or promotional use and without profit oriented intent then you can do so. The only thing I ask is to put a clickable linkage to my blog when using part or the whole text from a post. The photos are copyright signed and you must use them as such (do not infringe it). No restriction in using any of the videos since they can be freely embedded.  

Can I be advertised in your blog?

I started this blog as a way to express myself and share my interests and not with a direct objective for profit. However, since I see that the amount of visitors this blog receives constantly increases and they are originated virtually from every country in the world it makes sense that  being advertised in it would derive some benefits. So, I am open to this but I would like the advertisements to be relevant to the marine culture and with what the readers are expecting to see. If so, please contact me for more details. 

With compliments 

Nikos Papanikolaou

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