Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Galeon 380 Fly: Παγκόσμια πρεμιέρα στο Dusseldorf- World premiere at Dusseldorf

Αυτό το δελτίο τύπου μου εστάλει από το τμήμα marketing  της πολωνικής εταιρείας κατασκευής yacht Galeon παρουσιάζοντας το νέο της μοντέλο το Galeon 380 Fly το οποίο έρχεται ως διάδοχος του πολύ δοκιμασμένου Galeon 390 Fly. Όπως μπορείτε να δείτε στις γραφικές εικόνες το σκάφος τραβάει την προσοχή με την κομψή του σχεδίαση που ενσωματώνει ελκυστικές και καθαρές γραμμές, ενώ τα φαρδιά και μεγάλα παράθυρα επιτρέπουν στο φως να εισέλθει στους  εσωτερικούς χώρους. Το σκάφος διακρίνεται για την άνεση των χώρων του και φέρει μια μεγάλη εξωτερική γέφυρα για τις διαστάσεις του. Το Galeon 380 Fly πρόκειται να κάνει την παγκόσμια πρεμιέρα του στο Ναυτικό Σαλόνι του Dusseldorf - Boot 2012 - τον Ιανουάριο.

This press release came to me by the marketing group of the polish yacht builder Galeon announcing its new model Galeon 380 Fly which follows as the successor of the well tested Galeon 390 Fly.  As you can see in the graphic images she captures the eye with her elegant design shaped with attractive and clear lines, whilst her wide and big windows allow the light to shine the interior. The boat boasts  spaciousness and  features a big flybridge for her size. The Galeon 380 Fly will make her world premiere at the Dusseldorf Boat Show - Boot 2012 - in January. 

New Galeon 380 FLY

Galeon 380 Fly is a third generation Galeon yacht and a clear successor to the tried and tested 390 Fly. The distinctive line shares similarities with the bigger 420 Fly and even 780 Crystal and yet remains fresh and recognizable.  
The sporty and dynamic silhouette quickly catches the eye with its hull-length windows, aggressive lines and welcoming flybridge. Major focus was put on making the interior as bright and specious as possible. The arched stainless steel doors slide to the side revealing a cozy salon flushed with natural light thanks to the drop down windows on both sides and a slightly tilted windshield made from a single sheet of glass for perfect visibility. 
Outside the transformable settee with adjustable lumbar support folds out to an aft facing sundeck and has built in laminate doors to neatly close off the cockpit. The bow sundeck has conveniently placed cup holders and regulated headrest so it can be put in the upright position to create back support for the settee. Wide side decks and generously placed hand railings are great for crew while mooring and at the rough sea. Yacht owners will also appreciate the  foldable radar arch and mast, which allows for an easier passage under bridges and other obstacles. 
The main deck will feature a comfortable dinette, helmsman station and a galley that can be moved down below in the two cabin version. Numerous interior design options with a choice of high quality natural woods allow to fully customize the yacht to suit all needs. Below deck up to three cabins can be found while the separated shower cabin and head ensure comfort and privacy for the passengers. The bow owners cabin is well lit thanks to the skylight with an integrated hatch and has numerous compartments for storage. 
Shaft and Z-drives propulsions are available along with numerous Diesel engine options. The extended maneuverability pack for the Z-drives includes a joystick at both steering stations for an easy and effortless handling in tight spaces and marinas. High-end electronic equipment by Raymarine will ensure a safe and comfortable voyage regardless of weather conditions.

Galeon 380 Fly
11,99 m
3,74 m
10.770 (incl. motor)
Fuel tank:
2 x 500 l
Fresh water tank:
500 l
Black water tank:
140 l
inboards diesel  (2x 225HP-2x 380 HP)
Shaft  or Sterndrive

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